X-Alt Range

The X-Alt range is the first range of fixed head models from Burton Putters. Our aim was to produce a putter which would have widespread appeal, incorporate our unique adjustable hosel system, perform to our high standards and be competitively priced.

The initial designs were made with specific principles in mind.

1, The designs have to have some forms of recognisable features. We wanted to challenge people with a new look but also ensure that the putters would have widespread appeal.

2, We wanted to have a minimalist look. This was important not just for the added value of clear lines, solid feel and better finishes. The aspect of processing and manufacturing was very important. All of our putters are 100% milled by Sumac engineering in the UK. If we could ensure a smooth and efficient process then the costs would be reduced and the price kept to a reasonable level.

3, Performance and feel must be maximised and not compromised. The choices of materials is crucial in many ways. We chose Low Carbon Steel for its softness and responsiveness, with a nickel coating to help guard against rusting. The cost of this material is higher than stainless steel (which looks pretty) but produces and incredible soft feel. Other exotic materials were considered but deemed too costly for the marginal effect on feel & performance.

4, The adjustable hosel is the key to the putter. Of course we want to make a beautiful putter but lets make one thing clear – The adjustable hosel makes this putter the best performing putter you can get. Once you know how to set up the putter correctly for you, the need for inserts, grooves and optical trickery disappears. The X-Alt features the newest version of the adjustable hosel which is user friendly and has 4 lie angle settings and 2 offset choices.